Petition Round Up: Week of 10/2

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Written by Ethan M. Long

Governor Fallin: Don’t execute Richard Glossip

Richard Glossip, who has been convicted of murder, is expected to be executed on Nov. 6. However, Sneed, the confessed actual killer, was a co-worker of Glossip. He got a life sentence after saying that Glossip hired him to be a hitman. Yet there is hardly any evidence to support that Glossip did, in fact, hire him.

An extremely popular petition, filed by Sister Helen Prejean and Susan Sarandon, is asking Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to stop the execution now.

From the petition’s letter: “After years of inadequate legal defense, Richard now has some of the best death penalty lawyers working pro bono on his case, and his lawyers just uncovered damning new information, including that Sneed bragged about setting Richard up.”

So far, 248,925 people have signed this petition.

Clean Safe Water for Flint Michigan is needed immediately

About a year and a half ago, the main water source giving Flint its water was switched from Detroit to the Flint River.

From the petition: “This led to cancer causing by- products & corrosive agents that are destroying the infrastructure and causing the pipes to leach lead. This needs to stop immediately & Flint needs to be switched back to buying safe water from Detroit.”

Recently, it was found that the local tap water has been carrying heightened lead levels. NPR reports that Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician, has found that lead levels in children 5 and under have doubled.

The petition currently has 2,400 signatures.

Gov. McCrory: Veto Anti-Immigrant Bill HB 318

HB 318 is a xenophobic piece of legislation in North Carolina that would make it legal for local police to arrest anyone who didn’t have a state-issued ID card. The bill, if passed, will undoubtedly target undocumented immigrants. The bill’s official name is the “Protect North Carolina Workers Act.”

The state, whose Latino populations is one of the fastest-growing in the country, is now pushing this bill through. Another effect of the bill includes language about prohibiting sanctuary cities.

“It has been estimated that a wider acceptance of foreign and community-issued IDs in Greensboro has saved the equivalent of two full-time police officers’ salaries in terms of avoiding unnecessary arrests solely for lack of ID,” the petition states.

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Pass a bill to deter and punish corruption in Florida

A petition, sponsored by four major daily newspapers owned by media conglomerate Gannett in Florida, calls for the state to pass legislation that would hold corrupt officials accountable so that taxpayers’ money won’t be going to waste. It seems like these journalists are tired of covering corruption that abuses the state government’s relationship with its constituents.

The petition offers two points on how this can be achieved:

“We need to hold government contractors who conspire with public officials, pay the bribes and help rig the bids to the same laws as public servants. Today, they are mostly immune.”


“We need to stop requiring that prosecutors prove defendants had corrupt thoughts, an unusual burden not required with any other crime.”

According to the petition, 20 state attorneys agree and have endorsed the campaign.

Tell the FCC: Keep families connected. End predatory prison phone rates

Prison phones are another way contracted companies make money off the incarcerated population. The FCC has started to battle this system, making sure that those serving time can keep in touch with their families without having to pay inflated prices.

“By now, the Commission is well-versed on why this is such a critical issue: keeping in contact with family is a key way to ensure an person’s success once he or she has served their term and returns to the community,” a letter on the site states, also mentioning that “it’s a constant challenge for 2.7 million children in our country to maintain contact with an incarcerated parent.”

Sign the petition giving the FCC a clear understanding: the phone systems put in place currently are harmful to the relationships of prisoners and their loved ones outside.

“We know that prison phone service providers won’t do it on their own, and prisons in more than 40 states still contract with private phone service providers with exorbitant rates,” the letter says, continuing, “Federal intervention is necessary to end predatory prison phone rates everywhere and finish the work that the Commission started.”

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Petition Round Up: Week of 10/2

by Ethan M. Long
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